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Lake Wissota Course Tour

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Strategy Guide

Below is our course hole layouts with playing strategy.  Enjoy the course!

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Hole #1 - 335 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 14

Keep drive left of center for straight look at the green. Important to keep approach shot below the hole.

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Hole #10 - 377 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 1

Tee shot is critical. A 125-130 yard shot to the bottom of the hill may be an option is your are unable to clear the corner of the pond which is approximately a 185 yard carry. Don't miss the green long.

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Hole #2 - 182 yards - Par 3 - Handicap 16

Avoid missing the green to the right.

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Hole #11 - 184 yards - Par 3 - Handicap 15

Don't be fooled. Tee shot is slightly up hill.

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Hole #3 - 496 yards - Par 5 - Handicap 2

A well hit drive will allow for longer players to go for the green in two.  If playing safe, beware of the water hazard just short of the green. Its vital to keep all shots in the short grass.

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Hole #12 - 381 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 7

Avoid the hazard to the right for a relatively easy approach to the green.
Green is long from front to back. Don't go long.

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Hole #4 - 137 yards - Par 3 - Handicap 18

Wind conditions on the tee may not be the same at the green. Usually the
wind will push your ball to the right.

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Hole #13 - 473 yards - Par 5 - Handicap 5

A reachable par 5 for the longer hitters. There is room between the bunker and the green.

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Hole #5 - 350 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 8

Avoid bunker on tee shot. Straight forward approach to the green. The green slopes from the middle to the front. Shots on the front part of the green will stay there.

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Hole #14 - 282 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 13

Short par 4. Being in the fairway is very important for your short approach to the green.

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Hole #6 - 364 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 6

Not recommended going for the green off the tee. Play the hole to the end of the dogleg for 100-120 yard approach. Play for the middle of the green.

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Hole #15 - 391 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 9

Dog leg to the right. Longer hitters may cut some of the corner. Don't be greedy. Shorter hitters play the hole as it laid out.

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Hole #7 - 515 yards - Par 5 - Handicap 4

Play your tee shot to the right side of the fairway. Ball will bounce left.  Fairway narrows the closer you get to the green. Play smart with your second shot. The green is long from front to back.

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Hole #16 - 443 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 3

Avoid the out of bounds to the left and par can be made on this long hole.  Green is guarded by a tree on the left. A right of center tee shot is ideal.  Green is very long from front to back. A well thought out approach will help avoid any 3 putts.

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Hole #8 - 349 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 10

A tee shot in the fairway is must. Be cautious of pin placement. Do not go over the green.

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Hole #17 - 113 yards - Par 3 - Handicap 17

Short, but tricky par 3. Make sure to check the wind direction.  Most balls on the green will run left.

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Hole #9 - 337 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 12

What you see is what you get. Distance off the tee is not a factor. Do not go over the green.

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Hole #18 - 306 yards - Par 4 - Handicap 11

Be careful not to hit tee shot too far. Remember you are hitting down hill.  Back tier of green is well elevated


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