Winter Plowing & Planning

So, the question I get asked the most when I tell people the I’m a golf course Superintendent is “what do you do in the winter?” The short answer is “a lot”. The long answer is pretty surprising.

Starting in October of every year I start planning for the next season. I do a soil test on the playing surfaces and write a pest management program, IPM, based on the results. The IPM is a scheduled plan for feeding and protecting the playing surfaces throughout the season.


November to February is a time when I attend education conferences and trade shows, plan for the following year, repaint/repair tee and green accessories, repair bunker rakes, plan shop improvements, and service golf carts. After the frost sets we are able to start any tree removal we have planned. Then of course there is always plowing/shoveling responsibilities.

We are excited to unveil all of the planned improvements and hard work we’ve done this winter to you in the spring. Stay tuned for next Month’s blog as we share about equipment repair and maintenance.

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Kris Woppert

Kris Woppert

Kris is responsible for all grounds and maintenance work at Lake Wissota. With over 15 years of golf course experience both on the course, as well as in the classroom teaching others, Kris loves to teach people about the work he does.

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