Why You Should Join a Golf League This Season


It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes golf so exhilarating. Some of us live for its competitive edge; others golf to relax and escape. But for most us, golf serves as the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the company of friends.

At Lake Wissota Golf, we’re committed to supporting old bonds and fostering new friendships through our seasonal golf leagues. We host a variety of golf leagues ranging in skill level, days of the week and starting times. We’re also open to adding new leagues to our seasonal schedule.

Industry Golf Leagues

Sometimes it can be hard make connections with other professionals in your industry while on the clock. That’s why we’ve put together an industry night golf league. This leagues plays in a 4-person format, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to mingle and network with other professionals in your area. Why you’ll love our industry night golf leagues:
  • Friendly competition and networking
  • Make new friends in your community
  • Form stronger bonds with your collegues

Are you interested in our industry night golf league?

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Young Adult Golf Leagues

If you’re under 35 and up for some friendly competition, then you’ll love our young adult league. We welcome both young men and women to join us in teams of four. Points are tallied throughout the season and the winning teams will be awarded special prizes at the end of the season. Why you’ll love our young adult golf leagues:
  • Hone in on your game skills
  • Make new friends in your community
  • Enjoy significant savings

Are you interested in our young adult golf league?

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Men’s Golf Leagues

Make new friends while doing what you love. Our men’s golf league is for men who enjoy a competitive edge at a relaxing pace. The league plays in a 4-person format and players are matched up with similarly ranked players each week. Prizes are awarded to winners at the end of the season. Why you’ll love our men’s golf leagues:
  • Meet new people in your community and network
  • Improve our your game skills
  • A great way to commit yourself to regular play

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Women’s Golf Leagues

Looking for a place to network, make new friends and play a little golf? Join our women’s golf league. You can expect a competitive twist in our 2-person format. Each lady uses her own ball and match-play scoring to determine points throughout the season. Teams and individuals are awarded prices at the end of the season. Why you’ll love our women’s golf leagues:
  • Socialize with women your community
  • Relax and de-stress with friends
  • Great source of physical and mental exercise

Are you interested in our women’s golf league?

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Learn More About Our Golf Leagues

We could continue to talk about the social, mental and physical benefits of joining a golf league in Lake Wissota, or you could just give it a try for yourself! It’s never too early to start thinking about how you’ll be spending your time in the upcoming golf season. If you’re interested in joining one of our leagues, we recommend reserving a spot now. We are currently taking signups online. Image Credit: Pixabay
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