Tips for Teaching Your Child to Play Golf

kid-golfTeaching your child the value of golf is a huge responsibility that can go awry pretty quickly if you aren’t sensitive to his or her needs. Below we’ve outlined some tips for keeping your child’s golf lessons fun and fresh.

Always let your child call all the shots.

Though you might be tempted to focus on rules and etiquette right away, it’s not usually the best approach. Young kids just want to have fun. So if your initial approach is too rigid, you could end up turning a fun and engaging game into a chore. Instead, let your child explore the game on their own terms. Once he or she begins to develop a genuine interest in the game, you can adjust your teaching style.

Communicate in ways your child can understand.

Golf is confusing enough for beginners without throwing in a bunch of complicated terminology – so pay careful attention to what you say and how you say it. Explain new terms in language your child can understand and replace higher-level words with a simplified version. Your child will gradually pick up proper terminology with time.

Keep your lessons short.

As you probably know, most kids aren’t known for their long attention spans. To keep your child engaged in the learning process, make sure your lessons are short and sweet. Most lessons shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes long – and if you can, break them down into 10 minute increments, with lots of playing in between. Your son or daughter will gravitate towards learning eventually.

Never criticize your child’s performance.

Criticism is the quickest way to ruin a fun day of golf for your son or daughter. When teaching your child the basics, you should avoid a strict “right vs. wrong” approach. Criticism implies that your child did something wrong. Instead, find a way to put a positive spin on their performance, even when there’s room for improvement. Keeping golf fun is the best way to engage your child’s interest long-term. Image Credit: Flickr
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