Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the ways we save valuable dollars throughout the season. These savings are passed back to our golfers in numerous course improvements each year.

Top image: This is our backup greens mower at the beginning stages of check up (and cleaning). All fluids and filter are replaced and tests to engine are done to ensure all factory specs are still being achieved.

By avoiding any major equipment malfunctions, it allows us to put valuable resources back into the course. It also allows us to prevent down time by addressing small issues before they become unmanageable and must be replaced.

With the temperature dropping in February, some of my outside winter operations have been put on hold. In the mean time, I’ve started the valuable task of performing our preventative maintenance on all of our mower.

The main focus from the grounds department is making sure our equipment can provide the highest quality cut out on the golf course. This is achieved through a comprehensive check up of each piece of equipment. From the reels to the engine, each has a pivotal role in reaching our daily goals.

Reels are sent out to be spun ground and matched with a new bed-knife (that’s the shiny piece of metal above the bottom roller). The roller bearings are checked and often replaced. (Note this is bottom view of reel.) The micrometer in the foreground is used to set the height of cut from 1.5 inches down to .125 inches on the micrometer. We were at .120 for a few weeks last summer. We currently use 28 reels and 20 rotary blades throughout the season.

Soon, we will begin the removal of some plant material on the course. Some sight lines have been obstructed over the years and are in need of clearing. There are a few trees that are standing dead that we will be removing before they’re blown down causing possible injury to guests or course.

Communication is a huge part of working toward our goals. We installed a new sheet of whiteboard in the maintenance building for $10 this winter to help with this. Currently, the board displays preventative maintenance list and “To Do” for the upcoming weeks.

With spring just around the corner we are getting excited to get back outside. Our next posting will include outside winter ops and updates on turf health and our goals and plans for improving our turf in the fairways this season.

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Kris Woppert

Kris Woppert

Kris is responsible for all grounds and maintenance work at Lake Wissota. With over 15 years of golf course experience both on the course, as well as in the classroom teaching others, Kris loves to teach people about the work he does.

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