It’s Resolution Time! Four Tips for Lake Wissota Brides

The weeks and months leading up to your Lake Wissota wedding can be both stressful and exciting. Every bride wants her big day to be perfect, but it’s important to remember that nothing is ever flawless. Resign yourself to this now, and you won’t be upset when a small hiccup occurs.


With New Years’ just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make a few wedding-related resolutions. Check out our top four below:

See the Big Picture

With all of the small details involved in planning a dream wedding in Lake Wissota, it can be easy to forget what the whole event is really about – you and your husband spending the rest of your lives together. Once the big day is over, it’ll just be a memory (a happy one!), so just make sure the whole event doesn’t drive you both to the brink of sanity.

Don’t (Over) Stress

At first glance, this one might sound a little unrealistic, but it’s all about your attitude. Brides enjoy the months leading up to their big day a whole lot more if they remain calm and collected. No one wants to deal with a Bridezilla. A simple way to de-stress is to lay low and relax at least one day per week. This is the perfect time to pamper yourself and collect your thoughts.

Get on the DIY Train

If you’re smack dab in the planning process, the next statement probably won’t be too shocking. Weddings are expensive. There, we said it. An easy way to cut a few costs and have fun is to initiate at least one DIY project for your wedding. Napkin ties, invitations, candles and other decorations (see Pinterest) can add a personal touch and help you plan on a budget.

Give up an Unhealthy Habit

We all have vices that’d we be more than happy to give up – if only it were that easy! Using your wedding as a milestone should be the extra motivator you need to quit smoking, lose a few pounds or stop biting your nails. Enlist the help of a friend a you’ll feel even better come the big day. Image Credit: Flickr
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