Wednesday Night
Men’s League

Start Date


Banquet Date


Start Time

4:30 PM

League Rules

The Wednesday night Men’s League will have 4-man teams with each player having a ranking from 1-4 based on handicap. Each week, players on two different teams with the same ranking will play NET match play. A player will earn a single point for each hole won (or half point for a tied hole) and a final point for low NET 9-hole score for a possible point total of 10. If an opponent has forfeited the week, the point breakdown will be as follows for the player who showed up to compete: 5 points for shooting a score above handicap, 6 points for shooting handicap, and 7 points for shooting a score below handicap.

Players may purchase a Wednesday Membership (in full) for the duration of the league, which will include golf on all Wednesdays throughout the year for $225. Also being offered is an Unlimited Cart Membership of $175. Click below to purchase:

Purchase Membership

If inclement weather occurs, the 9 holes which are suppose to be played will be played the following week. The same 9 holes will not be played back to back unless beginning a new rotation.

Matches may be played before the designated league night or before the next league night if OK’d by President. If paying green fees on a weekly basis, players will be able to pay league rates for make ups or early matches.

If a player is unable to compete, a sub must be found before the official last tee time (~5:30PM) or it will be considered a forfeit.

Playing a fun, competitive scramble after league is completed will be an option but hole 16 is never to be played due to prior incidents.

Weekly games will be coordinated by the Golf Professional. The cost to enter these games will be $3 and winners will be paid out in cash. To be fair, certain games will be broken down by player rankings.