Four Reasons to Consider a Winter Eau Claire Wedding

As the cold weather rolls in, Eau Claire wedding season abruptly comes to a halt. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, the off-season may be the perfect time for you to exchange vows. There are several advantages to hosting cold weather nuptials.


Lower Prices All Around

Off-season pricing is a huge advantage for budget savvy couples. Vendors aren’t in high demand anymore, which means they’ll be more willing to negotiate prices with you. Brides (and bridesmaids) can also benefit from dress sales at the end of wedding season.

Better Guest Lists

Summertime is traditionally a busy season not just for weddings, but for a lot of other activities. This can make scheduling a summer wedding tricky – especially with all of the other wedding competition out there. If you have a winter wedding, your guests are more likely to be available for (and excited about) your nuptials.

Winter is Beautiful

Yes winter is cold, but there’s still nothing more beautiful than the first snowfall of the season. You’re wedding photos will benefit from the change of season too. Think majestic white landscapes. a sprinkling of snowflakes and some twinkle lights. Your photos will stand out from the standard golf course photos.

Better Honeymoons

Most honeymoons are spent in the sand and sun. Don’t you think you’d enjoy this a little more during the cold winter season? Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons
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