Digital Wedding Planner: Three Mobile Apps for the Big Day

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s almost wedding season in Eau Claire! Because our golf course is home to so many weddings each year, we’re pretty familiar with just how stressful the whole planning process can be – especially for those who choose to forgo a planning professional.

If you’re planning an upcoming wedding on your own, you’ll definitely appreciate our three favorite mobile apps below.

Appy Couple

appy couple Feeling a little disorganized? This nifty app allows you to compile all of the information related to your upcoming wedding in one spot, including photos, the story of how you met, the proposal story, upcoming events, guest lists and wedding day details. It also keeps everyone in the loop as new planning details unfold. Another useful feature is that it’s interactive for guests as well. Guests can answer polls, upload photos and digitally accept invitations. Though it might be a little overkill – at the very least, this app will make sure your guests know where and when your wedding is, even if they can’t find the invitation. *Appy Couple is free and available for iPhone, iPad and Android users.*

Wedding Budget

wedding budgetWhether you’re planning to spend $1,000 or $100,000, ensuring you’re on budget can be a challenge if you aren’t vigilant. The Wedding Budget app takes the stress out of staying on-budget by tracking everything from deposits to payments to final due dates. If you want to be extra organized, you can even breakdown costs by categories and subcategories (e.g., flowers, music, attire). You’ll get reminders when you close to going over budget, or when a payment is due. You can even view graphic representations of your spending habits. *Wedding Budget is $2.99 and available on iPhone, iPad and Android users.*


wedding-scan-app (2)Let’s be honest, creating a wedding registry is one of the best parts of wedding planning – so why limit yourself? The WeddingScan app allows you to scan barcodes while you’re on the go. You can scan items from virtually any store and it’ll be added to your own personal registry. If an item doesn’t have a barcode, you can upload a picture and a brief description. Once your items are up, friends and family can view your registry at You’ll then have the option to share your registry details using Facebook, email or other platforms. And one more added bonus — once an item has been purchased, you’ll receive an email notification. *WeddingScan is free and available for iPhone, iPad and Android users.*  
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