Children In Your Wedding: What To Consider

Children are a wonderful addition to a wedding celebration! But before you extend the invitation to that adorable flower girl or ring bearer, there are a few things to take into consideration:

1. Your Vision.

Understand your own limitations and be realistic about the vision you have for your day. If it’s important to you that your day run flawlessly, then children may not be the best option. If your day is intended to be less structured, then incorporating children may be the perfect fit.

2. Your Flexibility.

Understand that children are unpredictable. They may get stage fright once the church is filled with 200 of your closest friends and decide to run and hide as opposed to making that daunting trip down the aisle. Others may come alive in a crowd and choose to make this their comedic debut! And of course there are those who float flawlessly down the aisle as intended. Remain flexible and embrace their unpredictability!

3. Their Comfort.

Once the photos have been completed and the ceremony has taken place, there is no need to keep the child dressed in their very best. At the reception, kids will be kids and want to run and play, so encourage their parents to bring a change (or 2) ofclothing for them. They’ll be less inclined to be cranky once they’re back in their familiar duds, and you’ll be much less stressed knowing you won’t need to worry about the formalwear being destroyed!

4. The Schedule.

A wedding is a long day for adults, much less for children. The younger the child, the more disruptive the schedule can be to their routine, so do your best to keep their routine as normal as possible until absolutely necessary. This means making sure they have their regularly scheduled, naps, etc. Hair appointments should be scheduled as close to the event time as possible (don’t be alarmed if those adorable curls don’t hold up for the duration of the event), and they should not be expected to dress hours in advance. Work with your photographer to schedule photos with children toward the end of the photo session. Children get antsy & bored if they have to wait too long. Scheduling their photos accordingly ensures that their wait time is minimized, thus ensuring less opportunity for accidents and stressed out parents.

5. The Parents.

Most importantly, talk to the parents PRIOR to mentioning anything to the child about participating in your wedding. They know their children best, and understand their limitations. Working with the parents will eliminate a great deal of stress for you, the child and the parents – making your day run much more smoothly!
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Angela Welch

Angela Welch

With over 20 years of customer service, leadership, and project management experience, Angela has enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – success in planning and implementing both corporate events as well as personal celebrations. She is passionate about creating wonderful experiences for her customers and co-workers.

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