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Tips for Teaching Your Child to Play Golf

kid-golfTeaching your child the value of golf is a huge responsibility that can go awry pretty quickly if you aren’t sensitive to his or her needs. Below we’ve outlined some tips for keeping your child’s golf lessons fun and fresh.

Always let your child call all the shots.

Though you might be tempted to focus on rules and etiquette right away, it’s not usually the best approach. Young kids just want to have fun. So if your initial approach is too rigid, you could end up turning a fun and engaging game into a chore. Instead, let your child explore the game on their own terms. Once he or she begins to develop a genuine interest in the game, you can adjust your teaching style. Continue Reading

Golf and Romance: A Love Story in Quotes

golf-loveWe’re known for two things above all others at Lake Wissota: beautiful greens and beautiful weddings.

Golf and marriage are two of the finest things in life, but they don’t always go together—just ask any of our visiting grooms who’ve tried to fit in a few holes before exchanging their vows.

On the other hand, the two have a lot in common. Just for fun, we’ve put together a tale of lifelong romance, made up of memorable quotes about the sport we adore.

Without further ado, allow us to present Golf and Romance: A Love Story in Quotes.

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6 Ways to Avoid Golf Injuries This Spring

With spring on the way and warmer weather in the forecast, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming golf season. FollowingGolfball the health tips below will help you transition into the new season injury-free.

Ease into your swings.

After months of hibernating on the couch, most of us have the tendency to over-swing. To improve your swing and avoid potential injuries, we suggest warming up at least 10-15 minutes before your first tee. Practice hitting short irons on the range with half swings.

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