6 Important Tips for Selecting a DJ

If you’ve made the decision to incorporate a DJ into your wedding festivities, there are several things to consider when making your selection. The following important traits are what separate the professionals from the amateurs, and understanding the difference will ensure a flawless celebration!

They are experienced at reading the crowd

Maybe your love of hip-hop isn’t shared by your guests, but they hear a little Johnny Cash and the dance floor is suddenly packed! A good DJ works to discover the music that keeps your guests on the dance floor.

They always present themselves professionally

Your DJ Is not a guest at your wedding, so don’t be offended when they refuse that cocktail or when they pass on the opportunity to dance the night away with you and your guests. Instead, you can expect that they will be dressed appropriately and behaving in a professional manner at all times.

They keep their music library and equipment up to date

It’s difficult to play what your guests want to hear if you’ve hired someone working with an outdated music library and/or equipment. Are they only working with an antiquated library of CDs or a limited music library that they’ve uploaded to their iPod, or are they accessing their music via a web-based database? Is their equipment well maintained or is it likely they’ll blow a speaker just as the dance gets underway?

They make it a priority to meet with you prior to your event

The first time you meet your DJ should not be when they arrive at your venue on the day of your wedding. It’s important that the DJ you select is a good personality fit for the two of you, and this is nearly impossible to determine without at least one face-to-face meeting. A good DJ or DJ company will make sure that the DJ you communicate with throughout the planning process will be the DJ who will be facilitating your event.

They have exceptional public speaking skills

This is often something that many couples overlook, but one that can make or break the flow of your celebration. Often times, your DJ will be introducing you and your wedding party, facilitating speeches and toasts, and acting as master of ceremonies throughout your celebration.

They never forget whose day it is

A true professional recognizes that this is not their comedic debut. They understand that your wedding celebration is not a place where promotional banners, materials or shout-outs are appropriate. They realize that their personal taste in music may not necessarily be that of you or your guests. Their focus is always centered on you and your guests and on creating a memorable experience for all!
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Angela Welch

Angela Welch

With over 20 years of customer service, leadership, and project management experience, Angela has enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – success in planning and implementing both corporate events as well as personal celebrations. She is passionate about creating wonderful experiences for her customers and co-workers.

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