5 Events You Should Hold On The Course

golf-eventsGolf courses aren’t just for golf anymore. Most courses actually serve as a versatile venue for a number of events. If you’re in the planning stages for any of the events below, you might want to call up your local Eau Claire golf course for suggestions.

Golf Outings Bring People Together Like No Other Sporting Event

  • Charity Fundraisers. Hosting annual golfing events can benefit your charitable organization in more ways than one. They offer excellent earning potential (e.g., tickets, sponsorship fees, raffles, auctions and merchandise sales). They also serve as a great opportunity to network and solidify bonds with existing donors.
  • Team Building Events. Positive working relationships are correlated lower turnover rates, increased productivity and cooperation. For these reasons, corporations around to country are throwing golf outing events for their employees. These events help strengthen team friendships and can have a powerful impact on office morale.
  • Retirement Parties. Most of us dream of the day when we can finally retire. After years of working for the Man, retirement signifies a newfound freedom for most retirees. And a golf course retirement party is a great way to celebrate this transition into a more laidback lifestyle.
  • Family Reunions. With most families dispersed across the country, it can be hard to maintain close relationships with extended family members. For this reason, an increasing number of families are holding annual reunions — and for good reason. A family golf outing is a great way to reconnect with your roots over a shared activity.
  • Bachelor Parties. An all-male tradition dating back ancient Greece, bachelor parties serve as a golden opportunity for male bonding. And though debachery-filled nights have become the norm, many grooms-to-be would prefer spending their “last day of freedom” on the course with their closest friends and a keg of beer.
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